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    “Artists are professionally committed to two perfectly unuseful and absolutely essential things: play and pain”  says author Andy Crouch.  I believe that you will find these paintings to both proceed out of a playful  / painful process and to speak to those two aspects of the human experience .

    One of the most natural playful acts is to stack things on top of each other. For years I have played with and watched my kids play.  When they have blocks, they stack them. When they have stickers, before they learn to distribute them across a page they stack them as well. I am treating these houses in a similar manner. Not only do I stack them from bottom to top like blocks, I additionally stack them on top of each other like overlapping stickers.  

    In this time-intensive mode of rendering and discovery, painful obliteration becomes necessary. A writers phrase “kill your darlings”  applies here.  As I assess a painting mid-process, certain lovely and excruciatingly rendered areas sometimes hold back the gestalt of the painting.  At those points I paint over old houses with fresh coats of paint, making new, and unleashing possibility by painfully burying the old.

    This process mirrors the playful and painful lives of people of this age  and the paintings, in this way, align with our experience. We constantly build and destroy, not just objects such as houses but also relationships, memories, feelings, and values.

    I hope that a painting you see represented here resonates with your soul, conjuring up old and new feelings, thoughts, and understandings.



Hooked on the fine arts from an early age, Will Carpenter started his higher education in art at Wheaton College. There, he fell in love with painting and obtained a BA in Studio Art. He painted in Ecuador, South America for a short time and then the University of Miami in Coral Gables Florida accepted him into their MFA program. He studied there and eventually earned his terminal degree under Walter Darby Bannard, a renowned minimalist painter, abstract expressionist, and art-writer / critic.  


Will Carpenter most loves being a husband to his wife Jackie and a father to his kids. He serves in his local congregation teaching and playing violin in worship. During the school year he works as a  Professor of Art at Indiana Wesleyan University. For the past decade he has taught courses in art appreciation, color, design, drawing, and painting. He pursues a professional practice during the summer, devoting himself primarily to drawings and paintings of suburban landscapes. His work has been in numerous nationally juried exhibits and other shows around the country and he maintains representation with The Hoosier Salon.




4201 S Washington St

Marion, IN 46953

Office #: 765-677-1758





2003 - 2006     M.F.A            Painting    University of Miami    FL

1998 - 2002    B.A.            Studio Art    Wheaton College    IL


Professional Experience

2016 – Current        -    Professor of Art, Indiana Wesleyan University

2011 – 2016     10 semesters    -    Associate Professor, Indiana Wesleyan University

2006 – 2011    10 semesters    -    Assistant Professor, Indiana Wesleyan University

2004 – 2006    3 semesters    -    Adjunct Instructor, University of Miami

2006        1 summer    -    Painter, Miami Ink, The Learning Channel

2003 – 2006    6 semesters    -    Teaching Assistant, University of Miami

        2 semesters    -    Instructor of Record - Drawing 101, University of Miami

        2 semesters     -    Sculpture, Lab Monitor / Safety Management, University of Miami

2005        1 summer    -    Studio Assistant to Sculptor Bill Carlson, Miami, FL


Courses in: Art Appreciation, Color Theory, Design, Drawing, Painting


Served as Juror

2016    •  Grant County Art Association Fall Show, Marion Public Library.

2014    •  Indiana State Fair Judge, Drawing, Painting, Pastel, Prints, Watercolor, & Best of Show

    Fellow Jurors:     Valparaiso Assistant Professor, Sarah Jantzi, MFA American University

Indiana State University Adjunct Professor, Jason Kreuger, MFA Indiana State U.

2013    •  Greentown Community Art Show, Greentown, Indiana

•  Charlie Creek Arts Festival, Wabash, Indiana

2011    •  37th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibit, Grace College, Winona Lake, IN

2010    •  Howard County Youth Art Festival, at Angie Meyers Design Studio, Kokomo, IN

2009    •  Spring Arbor University’s Ganton Art Gallery End of Summer Show, Spring Arbor, MI

2008    •  Clark Gallery’s 2008 Nine County Art Show, Honeywell Center, Wabash, IN


Juried Shows Entered and *Awards Won

2016    •  Hoosier Salon 92nd Annual Exhibition, Indiana History Center, Indianapolis IN

        Juror: David A. Santillanes, Artist

        Juror: Andy Evansen PAPA Signature Member, Former President MN Watercolor Society.

        * Award for Non-Traditional Landscape

    • Clark Gallery’s Themed Art Show “Indiana,” Honeywell Center, Wabash IN

    •  Clark Gallery’s 2016 Ninety-Two County Art Show, Honeywell Center, Wabash IN

        Juror: Kristy S Church, Black Squirrel Art Gallery.

        Juror: Diane Tesler – Artist.

        *Best of Show for The Gale’s Egress

        * Honorable Mention for Internal Combustion

2015    •  Hoosier Salon 91st Annual Exhibition, Indiana History Center, Indianapolis IN

        Juror:      Qiang Huang OPA PhD optical engineering, professional artist.

            Randall Sexton BFA Uconn. Instructor at Pixar Studios.

2014    •  Hoosier Salon 90th Annual Exhibition, Indiana History Center, Indianapolis IN

        Jurors:    Frank Lalumia, former president of Plein Air Painters of America (P.A.P.A)

Kathleen Newman, professional artist

* Jury’s Prize of Distinction in Etching/Drawing/Mixed Media Slave Toil and Workmanship

• Clark Gallery’s 2014 Ninety-Two County Art Show, Honeywell Center, Wabash IN

Juror: Hannah Burnworth M.A. Herron School of Art and Design. 

Juror:  Mike Applegate M.A. Ball State.  

2013    • 14th Annual Will's Creek Survey, The Allegany Arts Council, Cumberland, MD

Juror: Lauren Schell Dickens, Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art, Corcoran Gallery of Art. 

• Hoosier Salon 89th Annual Exhibition, Indiana State History Museum, Indianapolis IN

• Clark Gallery’s 2013 Ninety-Two County Art Show, Honeywell Center, Wabash IN

Juror: Audrey Dean, Executive Director of the Creative Arts Council of Wells County

Juror: Kathryn Clark, Artist: Hoosier Salon, Indiana Artist Club, Indiana Heritage Arts, and                 IPAPA (Indiana Plein Air Painters Association).

2012    • 13th Annual Will's Creek Survey, The Allegany Arts Council, Cumberland, MD

        Juror: Jay Fisher, Senior Curator Print, Drawing & Photo, Baltimore Museum of Art

    • Art Institute & Gallery, 21st Annual National Juried Exhibition, Salisbury MD

        Juror: Ethan Karpe, O.K. Harris Gallery, SoHo, NYC 

    • Flow Art Space, For the Love of Paint, Minneapolis, MN

        Juror: Melissa Metzler, Director Flow Art Space Gallery.

    • Art Kudos, International Juried Art Competition and Exhibition,

        Awards Judge: David Cohen, editor and publisher of ArtCritical

    • Artists' Gallery 2012 National Juried Exhibition, Longmont, CO

        Juror: Nicholas Arnold MFA Syracuse, BFA Wright State University

    • Cape Fear Studios 2012 National 2D Exhibit Competition, Fayetteville, NC

        Juror: Luana Lucioni Winner, Pres. Artists' Association of Artspace, Portrait Society of America 

    • Clark Gallery’s 2012 Nine County Art Show, Honeywell Center, Wabash IN

        Jurors : Justin Henry Miller, MFA Univ. of Notre Dame, Assistant Professor Univ. of St Francis

              Rebecca Stockert of Artlink Contemporary Gallery 

        * Best of Show for Flat Trap

        * Honorable Mention Settlement

2011    •  Hoosier Salon 87th Annual Exhibition, Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis IN

        Jurors:     Tracey Frugoli, Chuck Marshall, Lori Putnam (professional artists)

    •  21st Minnetrista Annual Juried Art Show & Sale, Muncie, IN

        Juror: Susan Watt Grade, Community Learning Coordinator, Herron School of Art &             Design

    •  Clark Gallery’s 2011 Nine County Art Show, Honeywell Center, Wabash IN

        Jurors: Patricia Weiss, Indiana University-Purdue University Ft Wayne

            Dan Swartz, United Arts Guild, Ft Wayne IN.

2010    •  Hoosier Salon 86th Annual Exhibition, Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis IN

        Jurors: Shelly Newman Stevens - Assistant Professor, Central Michigan University

            Dee Beard Dean - Artist, Lori Putnam - Artist,

    •  Grant County Art Association Open Show, Marion Public Library, Marion IN

        *Honorable Mention for Daily Fallout

2009    •  Themed show, America at the Clark Gallery, Honeywell Center, Wabash IN

        Jurors: Amanda Martin, Fort Wayne Museum of Art

            Jesse Bower, Fort Wayne Museum of Art

        *First Prize for A Different Kind of Fat

        *Honorable Mention for The America I See

    •  Clark Gallery’s 2009 Nine County Art Show, Honeywell Center, Wabash IN

        Jurors: Charles A. Shepard III, Director, Fort Wayne Museum of Art

            Megan Mirro, Fort Wayne Museum of Art

2008    •  18th Minnetrista Annual Art Show and Sale, Muncie, IN

        Juror: Stephanie Lewis Robertson - Chair, Department of Fine Arts, Ivy Tech.

2007    •  17th Minnetrista Annual Art Show and Sale, Muncie, IN

        Juror: Kim Hoffmann - Curator of Collections, South Bend Regional Museum of Art

2006    •  Juried M.F.A. Group Exhibition, Lowe Art Museum, Miami FL

        Brook Dorsch - Director of the Dorsch Gallery

        *Juror's Merit Award, Hannah Prayed

2005    •  KHAA Annual Juried Art Show, Ft. Davis, TX

    •  Juried M.F.A. Group Exhibition, Lowe Art Museum, Miami, FL

        Juror: Barbara Gilman - Barbara Gilman Gallery

2004    • Lowe Art Museum Annual Juried Show

        Juror: Ken Rollins, Executive Director - Gulf Coast Museum of Art  

        *Best Painting

    • Research and Creativity Forum, University of Miami

        *First prize


Solo Shows

2015    •  College Wesleyan Church, Gallery of Liturgical Art, Marion IN

•  Walford Galleries of Adams Hall, Wheaton College, Wheaton IL

12-13    •  The Wesleyan Church World Headquarters, Fischers, IN

2011    •  Mount Memorial Art Gallery, Grace College, Winona Lake, IN.

    •  The Wesleyan Church World Headquarters, Fischers, IN

2010    •  Vandiver Gallery, Anderson University, Anderson, SC

2009    •  The Wesleyan Church World Headquarters, Fischers, IN

2006    •  The Gilded Hand, Coral Gables, FL

    •  Southwest Alliance Church Sanctuary, Miami, FL

    •  M.F.A Thesis Exhibition, Kresge Hall, Coral Gables, FL

2005    •  Offbeat Coffeehouse, Kendall FL

2002    •  Sally’s Coffee Shop, Wheaton, IL


2 – 3 Person Shows

2016   •  First Fridays, Black Squirrel Gallery, Wabash IN

    Artists: Will Carpenter, Henrik Soderstrom

2015    •  Realism and Impressionism, Hoosier Salon New Harmony Gallery, IN

Artists: Will Carpenter, Scott Kilmer, Pam Newell

•  Urban Landscapes, Hoosier Salon Carmel Gallery, Carmel IN

Artists: Joe Blalock, Will Carpenter, Genna Pianki

2013    •  Ganton Art Gallery, Spring Arbor University, Spring Arbor MI

    Artists: Will Carpenter, Aaron Gosser

2002    •  Senior Gallery Show at Adams Hall Art Gallery, Wheaton College (2-Person)


Group Shows

2016   • Indiana Wesleyan University Faculty Show, Beard Art Center, Marion, IN

2015    •  Hoosier Salon vs iMOCA, Indianapolis Museum - Contemporary, Indianapolis IN.

•  BFF | Painting and Re-Presentation, Vandiver Art Gallery, Anderson University SC

‘12-’14    • Indiana Wesleyan University Faculty Show, Beard Art Center, Marion, IN

2011    •  2nd Annual Hoosier Salon Wabash Members Show, Charlie Creek Inn, Wabash, IN

    •  Hoosier Salon Touring Exhibit: Wilson Vaughn Hostess House, Marion IN.

    •  Hoosier Salon Touring Exhibit, Wabash Hoosier Salon Gallery, Wabash IN

2010    •  End-of-Year Show, Wabash Hoosier Salon Gallery, Wabash, IN

'06-'10    •  Indiana Wesleyan University Faculty Show, Beard Art Center, Marion, IN

2008    •  Arts and Entertainment Ministries, 5th Annual Show, Los Angeles, CA

2007    •  CIVA Art Conference Art Show, Messiah College, Grantham, PA

2006    •  Lamar Arts Depot, Endless Summer, Barnesville, GA

2005    •  DKR Gallery Wynwood Art District "Real Painting" during Art Basel

    •  Egalitarian Art Show, Miami FL

    •  Bird in Hand Gallery, Washington DC

    •  Art, Love, and Rock and Roll Show, Miami FL

2004    •  Wesley Gallery Summer Exhibit, Univ. Miami

2003    •  Art Annex Studio Show, Univ. Miami

    •  University of Miami Incoming MFA Exhibit.

2002    •  Senior Group Show at Adams Hall Art Gallery, Wheaton College

    •  Michael McBride Senior Recital, Wheaton, IL

    •  Memorial Student Center Art Department Display, Wheaton College

    •  Sarah Cupery’s Senior Recital, Wheaton, IL

    •  Memorial Student Center Coffee House (group), Wheaton College

    •  Senior Class Banquet Art Show, Wheaton College


Publications and Presentations

2015    • 91st Hoosier Salon Annual Exhibit Catalogue

• Spirituality in the Studio, FATE Conference Session Chair, Indianapolis, IN

• The House We___. Gallery talk. Wheaton College, Wheaton Illinois.

2014     • 90th Hoosier Salon Annual Exhibit Catalogue

2013     • Houses, Stacking, and Seeing. Gallery talk, Spring Arbor University, Spring Arbor Michigan

• 89th Hoosier Salon Annual Exhibit Catalogue

•  Wax Sensuality, Wane Justice. How Worshipping Your Senses Can Blind You and Suffocate Others, or     Art Like Sadza.  Christians in the Visual Arts (CIVA) Just Art 2013 Bi-annual Conference, Wheaton         College, Wheaton IL,

2011    • 87th Hoosier Salon Annual Exhibit Catalogue

2010    • 86th Hoosier Salon Annual Exhibit Catalogue

2009    •  “Art Winners” Chronicle Tribune, Wednesday, 16 September 2009

2008    • Abraham and Sarah (oil painting), appears in Mutuality Magazine alongside Amy Odem             Article, God’s Radical Welcome.

2007    •  The Late, Late Show, Presentation of Artwork on PowerPoint at CIVA Conference

2002    •  Kodon (Wheaton College Arts Magazine) Spring Issue

2001    •  Kodon (Wheaton College Arts Magazine) Fall Issue


Other Activities

2015     •  CIVA Bi-Annual Conference, Calvin College, Grand Rapids MI.

    •  FATE Bi-Annual Conference, Herron School of Art, Indianapolis IN.

2013     •  CIVA Bi-Annual Conference, Messiah College, Grantham, PA

    •  FATE Bi-Annual Conference, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah GA

2012    •  Rustbelt to Artistbelt, St Louis, MO

2010    •  CAA Annual Conference New York City, New York.

2009    •  FATE Bi-Annual Conference, Portland OR

    •  Visual Arts Network, Honeywell Center, Wabash IN

2007    •  CIVA Bi-Annual Conference, Messiah College, Grantham, PA

    •  CAA Annual Conference, Boston MA

2004    •  University of Miami Annual Print Exchange

2003    •  Lived and Painted in Ecuador, S.A. for 3 months

2002    •  Breathe, Celebration of Arts, Annual Arts Fair, Wheaton College


Professional Organization Memberships

    •  CAA, College Arts Association

    •  CIVA, Christians in the Visual Arts

    •  FATE, Foundations of Art: Theory and Education

    •  The Hoosier Salon