House Drawings

Awash, Crack, Build, Scratch
72 x 44

Coming and Rained Tears of Peace
72 x 44

Artists Statement

    I draw houses and their surroundings because I find them to be excellent metaphors for people. I am interested in people, their conditions, histories, environments, and stories: victories, loves, fascinations, struggles, frustrations, humor, wit.  In houses we live, move, sleep, create, breathe, and possibly even die. Some we gawk at some we demean. We walk past them, drive past them, ignore them. They hide us, they hide others. They protect us, we call them “home”. 

    To loosely play off those qualities of houses I draw these houses in many different manners: overlapped, translucently layered, stacked, obliterated, flattened, and sometimes in Renaissance perspective.

    I love people, working with and alongside them. I love working on ideas with people, brainstorming together.  I love it when someone stops a sentence, not knowing where to bring it and it sounds like a fill-in-the-blank. I love it when someone else fills in that blank. That pause or gap allows another person to enter that sentence and imagine endings far outside what the originator intended. This kind of open ended collaboration gives both parties new possibilities. Both can encounter a new idea that they would have never thought of without the prompt. 

    Each of these drawings can work like that. It’s a sentence about a house or houses… with a blank. I started it, you enter at that point and determine where it brings us.