House Stacks

Sizes are 48” x 18”unless otherwise noted

House of Sticks
30” x 40”

Tree House Aflame
54” x 12”

Uncommon Resolve

Shared Life: Wake and Vapor


Artist Statement

    Thanks for inquiring about my art! These house-stack paintings are a part of a series I have been pursuing since 2011. I love painting images of houses because they function as places of community, expression, and life, Like us, Houses, are active & alive: they grow as we build them, they repair as we fix them, their bodies change as we remodel them, they wear down as we live in them. It seems to me, as an artist, that houses work as excellent visual metaphors for ourselves. 

    Initially, I was excitedly painting dozens of traditional suburban landscapes.… realism, with sometimes moody elements reminiscent of Edward Hopper.  Like all art, some projects succeeded and some didn’t. In the spirit of resourcefulness I began painting over my less-successful canvases. As I worked, sometimes the first house would peak out from behind the new house but contributed to the new painting, an oddly alive and powerful quality. It surprised me when I noticed it and I fell in love with this less realistic image that looked a bit like cubism but seemed to re-see notions of community.

    So I found myself invested in a project of painting and repainting different houses, stacked on-top of each other, each new one closer to the viewer than the one before. I asked myself what would happen if I expanded this project to send these stacked houses up into the sky on tall vertical canvases. (Like something I saw in a dream one night).

    A friend of mine, seeing these taller paintings, suggested that they were a kind of Transfiguration… like when Jesus’ body took on his heavenly glory right in front of the eyes of his disciples. I liked this notion and the ethereal visual characteristic of these paintings. So it hooked me! …and a decade later I’m still exploring new configurations, experimenting with different compositional ideas, levels of refinement, architectural styles, and color palettes. 

    Please contact me and let me know if you like them!.

Judgement: Cast, Board, Panel

Entanglement: Beam and Buttress


Eden Mirage

Lost and Filled

Parallel Ascension

Size coming soon

Static Change


Morning Light
Size coming soon

Alive or Knot

Old Stack, Uneven Lean

Dust of the Day

Transfiguration of Shards

Transfiguration 1




Burned Clean


Transfiguration 2