The five paintings shown in this section hang in the Prayer Loft of the Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion Campus, Chapel.  Five students (now alumni) joined me in researching, designing, building, stretching and painting them. It proved to be a monumental task not only because we aimed for using images to guide people through praying corporately but also because the students decided to paint them at a super-large-scale. Funding for this project came through a Calvin Institute for Christian Worship Grant which Dr Anne Greeley (Indiana Wesleyan University) successfully applied for. Once we finished the paintings Dr Greeley wrote a beautiful Visio Divina to guide students in using the paintings and related scriptures in corporate prayer  

ABOVE: Community 7’x14’
BELOW: 1) Adoration 7’x 14’     2) Confession 7’ x 10’     3) Thanksgiving 7’x 7’     4) Supplication 7’x 7’

Please believe me when I say you NEED to see these in person. There is a LOT the photographs miss.
And if you rush when you are in person you’ll miss a ton that way as well. 

Project: LCC Sanctuary

Project: Mexico SS Classrooms

Project: Book Covers